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Site Investigation Drilling – QLD and NSW

All-Tech Drilling Services is a Queensland based quality drilling company specializing in both of Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling.   These investigations evaluate: the characteristics of the foundation soils and rocks; geotechnical conditions which influence project safety, cost effectiveness, design and construction and; sources of construction materials.


Geotechnical Drilling

All-Tech Drilling Services understands that geotechnical testing requires high standards of quality and perform tasks with accuracy and without compromising results.  Geotechnical drilling services include:

~ Monitoring Well Installation (Class I Drilling Licence)
~ Solid Flight Augering
~ Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
~ U50/U75 Undisturbed Sampling
~ NMLC Coring
~ Wash Boring


Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling Services are used to determine the existence of contamination in soil and ground water. All-Tech Drilling Services offers a variety of drilling techniques to allow clients to gather data.  We recover undisturbed soil and groundwater samples from the subsurface to allow our clients to evaluate, monitor and remediate contamination impacting the environment.

~ Geoprobe Push-Tube Sampling
~ Monitoring Well Development
~ Monitoring Well Decommissioning


Concrete Coring

All Tech Drilling offers concrete coring services in addition to our drilling services making us a one stop service.  Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling clean, circular holes in a concrete surface allowing access to the ground below.